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• 3/24/2015

List of Emoticons

Here is a current list of all emoticons:

PBJ- This is an emote of a dancing Stormtrooper

(hud)- This an emote of a Mandalorian activating his gaunlet's hologram projecter 

(argh)- No explanation needed. A pirate face emote

(chewie)- Chewbacca, Han Solos' loyal Wookie

(vader)- Darth Vader, the Emperor's cruel enforcer

P-  This is an emote of a dancing Jar Jar. My personal favorite

(xwing)- This is the ship that Luke Skywalker used to destroy the Death Star

(st)- The emote of the Empire's solider: the white-helmeted Stormtrooper

(aa)- "It's a trap!" This is an emote of the Admiral that said that iconic quote

(bf)- Boba Fett, our #1 Mandalorian Warrior

(nerd)- C3PO, our annoying Protocol Droid

(evil)- "At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have our revenge."-Darth Maul

(sidious)- The Emporor of the Empire 

( - The Death Star, destroyer of Alderaan 

(jf)- Jango Fett, #2 of our Best Mandalorian Warriors:

)- A still of Jar Jar

(j1)- A Jedi emote

(alemas)- The iconic troll face

These are still under development, and some many not work. If you have a suggestion please link it below. We will make a full list page soon and post the link. 

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• 3/24/2015


P gif of Jar Jar
) and :( death star and Jar Jar 
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